“Playing a game together actually builds up bonds and trust and cooperation. We actually build stronger social relationships as a result.”    Jane McGonigal – Game designer

The Syllabus Game is a collaboration of Pat and Cathy, who besides having strengths in both marketing and design, have children with learning challenges.

In developing the game, in-house research was conducted with learners in both main stream and remedial schooling. 

Research was also undertaken with teachers at the South African National Conference for Private Schools Education, with an overwhelming positive response for the use of the game as a FUN learning activity as well as a “learning reinforcing teacher aid”. 

The Idea behind the Syllabus Game

The concept for ‘The Syllabus’ was developed, through identifying an opportunity for a fun, interactive and learning reinforcing game which can be played by children alone and/or with adults.

The Syllabus’ is a question and answer card game, unique in the aspect that the questions are all directly related to specific school subjects and grade levels. It is unique that it is also the only board game that is designed to use the content and teaching requirements of the National Educational curriculum as finalised by the National Education Department.

The Syllabus’ educational game can be played as a group of individuals or as teams. It can be played including all 7 subject categories or with only single subject categories, for example, the teacher could instruct learners to focus on Mathematics by only playing with the use of the mathematical questions.

The Syllabus’ and the resultant culture of learning in a fun environment could further become a part of learner social interaction beyond the classroom with the establishment of ‘The Syllabus’ extra-mural activity programme.

In essence it allows the schools the option of offering ‘The Syllabus’ as an extramural activity for learners who are not sports orientated. This will also allow for the establishment of Syllabus Gaming Groups or leagues involving school teams competing against each other.

Social Responsibility Initiative | Corporate Branding Opportunity

Nationally, there are numerous corporate social investment strategies which endeavour to prioritise education as a way to meet our ever increasing socio-economic needs. However these initiatives often result in a programme only achieving success to a certain level due to the lack of a dedicated implementation programme reaching the target recipient.

Therefore, the key to the success of the distribution of ‘The Syllabus’, is to implement and manage a project that will be taken directly to each target school. This implementation will be following the launch of ‘The Syllabus’ to school principals, who meet regionally every 6 weeks.

It will be at these school principle meetings that we will launch the game and the implementation programme.

If you are looking for a corporate programme to help uplift education in South Africa, then give us a call or fill in the contact form and we will call to arrange a meet-up.